ESG Ratings.

BitSCOR has introduced the first-ever ESG rating methodology specifically designed for cryptocurrencies.

We offer a comprehensive evaluation of tokens' impacts in a relative rating.

Our Methodology


Carbon emissions and electronic waste, as well as the capacity & efficiency of the consensus mechanism are studied. Additionally, the energy mix and the commitment towards using renewable energy sources are assessed.

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Accessibility and inclusivity, fiat compatibility and exchange listings, community engagement & philanthropy, transparency about goals and operations, holder rewards, and a careful evaluation of risks, including fraud & scams.

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Project team's expertise, equitable token distribution, and decentralized decision-making. We prioritize projects that have undergone thorough external audits and demonstrate strict adherence to regulations worldwide.

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Underlying Technologies

We assess the ESG impact of underlying technologies i.e. blockchain protocol, type of energy / energy mix to mine blocks and / or run the network. Strategic partners and their supporting technologies to the studied project are also rated.

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Future outlook

Our future outlook analysis rates cryptocurrencies on their planned ESG enhancements and upcoming technical or sustainable developments, providing a forward-thinking perspective on their potential for positive impact and growth.

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Our Ratings

Our rating methodology requires a cross-functional analysis, both quantitative and qualitative. Carbon emissions calculations are made with an in-house model developed within our partnership with Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

You are ?

Asset Managers

Offer green products to your customers and integrate responsible tokens in your allocations.

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Exchanges & Brokers

Make your clients aware of the ESG impact of their acquisitions. Guide them towards more responsible assets.

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