ESG Ratings.

BitSCOR has introduced the first-ever ESG rating specifically designed for cryptocurrencies, which offers a comprehensive evaluation of coins and tokens in a relative ranking. Our objective is to enable individuals and businesses to invest in cryptocurrencies with sustainability in mind.

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Digital Asset Manager

Offer green products to your customers and integrate responsible tokens in your allocations.

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Exchanges & Brokers

Make your clients aware of the ESG impact of their acquisitions. Guide them towards more responsible assets.

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About methodology

Our rating requires a cross-functional analysis, both quantitative: based on calculations and models and also qualitative: monitoring of project roadmaps, how the asset is used and the involvement of the token in projects.

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  • A score between 8 and 10 gets the letter A

  • A score between 6 and 8 gets the letter B

  • A score between 4 and 6 gets the letter C

  • A score between 2 and 4 gets the letter D

  • A score between 0 and 2 gets the letter E